The premises for this project were that everyone must be able to experience the most incredible places in the world and that, regardless of Tanzania safari Family Holiday Package being luxurious or budget ones, accommodation being budget campsites or the best Tanzania safari Lodges, the price must be fair.
What we promise: Flexibility and all our dedication in every safari, cheerful and experienced guides, instructed cooks who deliver the best food, instant customer support from experienced tour operators, high-end binoculars and top equipment, as well as affordable Tanzania safari lodges.

Our motto: Every safari is a different one. Be fair, be flexible, be good - Every single time

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When someone thinks of Africa, he will be probably thinking about Tanzania. It is in this beautiful country in east Africa that some of the continent's most vivid images come to life: Snow-capped Kilimanjaro, rhinos standing proud in Ngorongoro Crater and Wildebeests' herds crossing a river full of crocodiles in the Serengeti Plains.

Besides allowing you to climb the World tallest free standing mountain without any special equipment, letting you explore the roughness of the best game reserves on Earth, Tanzania is also home of Zanzibar, an island with some, if not the best beaches in the World, along with beautiful and intriguing Swahilli towns and ruins. This way, you can enjoy not only Tanzania safari holidays, but also beach vacations in an exotic destination.

Tanzania was voted the best country for African Safaris by over 1000 industry experts

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We believe the local communities should be able to benefit from the increasing tourism. Our safaris usually include cultural programs that allow the travelers to visit local Maasai villages (authentic places, not touristic shows), which enables them to get a much more rewarding and richer safari experience while, at the same time, supporting the local community.

We also make sure that our guides (which, we believe, are the most important asset in any safari) are paid above what most companies pay. Our guides are our stars and the ones who can transform a great safari in a life changing experience.

Your Safari will be much more rewarding if it has a positive impact among the local community.

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Five of us recently came off a 7 day basic camping safari itinerary with It Started in Africa to Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. I have to say, overall we were very impressed. I'd say the defining characteristic of ISIA is an exceptional commitment to customer service and responsiveness. With a safari to remote and rugged areas, things will go wrong. Something will...

Brad Snook - United Stated of America